Sci-Fi and Fantasy I Can’t Wait to Read

Hello, friends. How are you doing? I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus from the blog recently as I’ve been working on other projects (streaming The Sims 4 and other video games on Twitch and writing fiction for Camp NaNoWriMo this month).

Since there are a lot of books I’m looking forward to reading that are coming out within the next year, I decided to make a little list of specifically the sci-fi and fantasy I can’t wait to get my hands on.

To the books!

The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson

Expected publication: August 4th 2020

An outsider who can travel between worlds discovers a secret that threatens her new home and her fragile place in it, in a stunning sci-fi debut that’s both a cross-dimensional adventure and a powerful examination of identity, privilege, and belonging.

Alternate universes? Queerness? A mysterious death? Say no more. I’m here for it.

Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

Expected publication: October 13th 2020

From the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Resistance Reborn comes the first book in the Between Earth and Sky trilogy, inspired by the civilizations of the Pre-Columbian Americas and woven into a tale of celestial prophecies, political intrigue, and forbidden magic.

Rebecca Roanhorse is an amazing writer, and this premise definitely piqued my interest.

The Conductors by Nicole Glover

Expected publication: April 13th 2021

A compelling debut by a new voice in fantasy fiction, The Conductors features the magic and mystery of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files written with the sensibility and historical setting of Octavia Butler’s Kindred: Introducing Hetty Rhodes, a magic-user and former conductor on the Underground Railroad who now solves crimes in post–Civil War Philadelphia.

This isn’t a reason to read the book, but look at that gorgeous cover! Fantasy about a magical former Underground Railroad conductor solving crimes in the post-Civil War era? Um yes, please.

These are just a few of the fantasy and sci-fi titles that I can’t wait to check out.

Are you looking forward to reading any of these?

Until next time, friends.

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