2019 Reading Wrap-Up

I’ve never wrapped up my year of reading before, and I decided to begin doing so on the blog this year.


I didn’t read as many books as I wanted to and the blog was on a short hiatus for some of 2019, both due to unforeseen circumstances.

Some of the things I hadn’t planned on:

  • I met the love of my life.
  • We eloped! (Lol)
  • We adopted a dog (a wonderful Lab mix).
  • My best friend moved in with us (long story).
  • I completed NaNoWriMo for the first time ever!

The Numbers

I only read 38 books–not my best reading year. In 2018, I read something like 70 books. (The infographic from Goodreads lists 36; I guess I missed their cutoff time for adding the  two books I read but didn’t track. Oops.)


I’m okay with my number because of how much my life changed in 2019. I went to Phoenix FanFusion, got married, studied for the LSAT, and wrote a novella, the first one I’ve ever actually finished writing.

More Numbers

Fiction: 33
Nonfiction: 5


Memoir: 2

Travel: 1

Health/Psychology: 2

Fantasy: 15

Science Fiction: 3

Historical Fiction: 3

Romance: 7

YA: 4

Mystery: 1


Audiobooks: 6

Comic books: 13

I also DNFed a lot of books. A LOT.

How was your reading year?

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