2020 Reading Goals Part 2

As I talked about in a previous post, a reading goal I’ve set for myself for 2020 is to read twelve classics over the course of the year, per the #ClassicsCommunity 2020 Reading Challenge hosted by Lucy.

I’m working on a tentative list of the twelve books I plan to read. I’m largely a mood reader so the list will change, without a doubt.

Here are some novels I have in mind thus far:


The Joy Luck Club

I don’t know how I haven’t already read this.


Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple, #1)

I’ve been wanting to read more Agatha Christie. I’ve never read any of her Miss Marple mysteries.



How have I not read this yet either?


Jane Austen: Seven Novels (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Collection)

I own a copy of this beautifully-bound Barnes and Noble edition of seven of Austen’s novels. I’ve read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, and I plan to read Persuasion next year.

I’m going to look for copies of the other books at one of my local used bookstores (a wondrous place) and the library.

I’m excited to close out this year and start 2020, with all of its reading possibilities.




All cover images link to Goodreads, except Jane Austen’s Seven Novels which links to B&N.

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