Book Review: Connection Error (#gaymers, #3) by Annabeth Albert

Connection Error (#gaymers, #3)Connection Error by Annabeth Albert

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Though this isn’t the best of Albert’s books, I still stayed up way past my bedtime consuming it last night and then proceeded to get no work done today as I instead read this on my Kindle while curled up in a semi-comfortable armchair at the library.

My favorite thing about Albert’s writing is her way with characterization. The MCs are often complex, flawed people who are nonetheless trying their best in less than ideal circumstances (kind of like real life). From these less than ideal circumstances and the characters’ fears and flaws come the conflicts, so the conflicts often feel believable. Connection Error is no exception. I loved the two MCs. I loved how they came together and how they struggled to figure out how to make things work. Their life situations (one dealing with ADHD and the other injured in the line of duty) were sensitively and gracefully handled.

I will happily read whatever comes next from this author.

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