Act Like It (London Celebrities, #1)

Act Like It (London Celebrities, #1)Act Like It by Lucy Parker

This was a funny, delightful romance.

Lainie is a heroine I loved rooting for; she’s clever and comfortable with who she is and stands up for herself when necessary. Richard is her dickish counterpart in the stage production in which they’re both acting. When they’re forced together in a bid to revamp Richard’s public persona, their banter reaches epic proportions as they go from enemies-to-lovers.

I thought the pacing was pretty much perfect. The slow burn is lovely and satisfying. The aforementioned Richard is often abrasive, but he does show himself to be redeemable.

I listened to the audiobook, and the British accent of the narrator made it even more delightful to read. I recommend this if you’re looking for a light, fun romance.

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